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While members of the ADGA family come from all sorts of professional backgrounds, few can say they came to us with a degree in fashion design. But Yen’s fashion experience served her well when she first joined ADGA just out of college, almost twenty years ago. Initially working on interface design, Yen’s design skills were soon being drawn upon across the organization to fulfill a range of needs. Today Yen still wears many hats, having expanded her expertise into the design of automated help systems, client support, and configuration management of asset libraries.
“Right from the start at ADGA, I had the opportunity to be involved in so many different projects, and be given different challenges. From working on marketing materials to designing PowerPoint presentations, and later the company’s website and Sharepoint intranet. Little by little, I learned. The environment here has always given me the room to grow and further my development.” 
New challenges are never problems with a team on hand

The projects we work on at ADGA can be extremely complex. It’s like you are given one main task or objective, but then you must in the process learn and accomplish a whole chain of other tasks in order to deliver the product. Fortunately, with the procedures and systems we have in place it’s never a problem, only another challenge to be met. I also know that when new challenges arise I can rely on my co-workers because we’re like a family. People are responsive to your needs.

Client feedback keeps me motivated

The biggest thing that motivates me day-to-day is the feedback of clients, it’s all about communication and providing support when it’s needed. What makes me most happy is when my client is happy. 

Keep the passion for fashion

My original dream of opening a tailor shop one day might not happen, but I still get to satisfy my interest in fashion design during my free time. I like to make clothing for my family, and I enjoyed being able to create my own wedding dress. In a way it’s better that it doesn’t come with the pressures of running my own business, but is something I do just for me and my family.

My ADGA mentors
Every manager I’ve had

I have had many different mentors during my life at ADGA, so I don’t feel like I can name any single person. I have been fortunate that every manager I’ve worked with has had their own unique qualities and mentored me in different ways that were all equally important and beneficial to me.

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