Figuring it out is fun
As a teenager I always liked to fiddle with wires, open up a piece of electronics or machinery to see how it worked and what would happen if it broke in this way or that. I didn’t really understand electronics at the time, I was just trying to figure it out for myself. Troubleshooting problems was fun!

Understand every little detail
Testing is not really about attacking a piece of software from all sides as people might normally think of it. It’s more about deconstructing, understanding all the cogs, and then focusing on trying to break all these little pieces individually. You want to see if it breaks the whole system, or if there are defences around it already. Often there will be challenges, like every time a new component is introduced, and you will need to research it and talk to developers. I’m still a hardware guy at heart in many ways, so my approach to testing generally still comes from there.

Enjoy the craft of it
I used to play bass guitar in rock bands with friends but not so much anymore. I still consume a lot of music and go to festivals when it’s possible. My father’s an accomplished woodworker, he even made some of my instruments, so I’ve picked up woodworking from him and that’s how I spend my weekends now. That and homebrewing—that’s probably my main obsession lately. I decided to try it out and I found out my beer is drinkable, so I am keeping at it.

My ADGA Mentor

Andrea Cleveland, Project Leader
She’s the best boss I’ve ever had. She gives you the flexibility to approach a task or project in the way that works best for you. If necessary, she knows when to just nudge you in the right direction but focuses on enabling you to perform at your best. In my experience, it’s rare that you find people who really appreciate the work that you do but I always feel that with Andrea.

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