ADGA Launches Bursary to Inspire Women to Excel in STEM Studies

Celebrating and taking action during Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

(September 23 to 29)

OTTAWA, September 28, 2018 – ADGA, a leading national defence, security and IM/IT company, proudly unveiled its investment in STEM[1] studies to address the shortage of women in these key industry sectors and to engage women to pursue rewarding careers in these fields of expertise.

While a broadening swath of industries are demanding STEM knowledge, only 20 per cent of Canada’s post-secondary STEM students are female. Meanwhile, other countries are surging ahead — in India, STEM students are 33 per cent female.[2]

The ADGA Bursary will provide two bursaries valued at $5,000 for a total annual investment of $10,000 to students enrolled in year two or three of a STEM program at La Cité — with an emphasis placed on female students.

“Leadership is best demonstrated by action” stated Françoise Gagnon, CEO, ADGA. “Investing in the advancement of women to enrich Canada’s capability in STEM expertise is just one of the ways that ADGA is leading the gender equality re-balance that is a critical success factor for innovative, successful, high performing companies in our industry.”

This initiative is one of a number of recent moves by ADGA to help women overcome barriers to achieve their true potential and proven value in the workplace. From mentoring, information-sharing networking initiatives and talent recruitment to leadership training investments that focus on correcting the gender equality imbalance, ADGA is a recognized champion committed to creating opportunities and developing high performance teams that drive business revenue growth and success.

“We are pleased to offer this new STEM bursary and commend ADGA for its leadership and investment in our nation’s next generation of talent,” commented Lise Bourgeois, President and CEO, La Cité. “Investment, leadership and inspiring role models will turn the tide that will drive an increase in women in the defence, security and IT fields and ADGA has made it its mission to make a difference — directed from the very top by Canada’s only female defence CEO.”

About ADGA Consultants Inc.

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In Spring 2018, ADGA acquired Presidia Security Consulting as ADGA continues to build its unique Converged Security Solutions service offerings.

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[1] STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

[2] Huffington Post

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