The Presidia Converged Security Methodology

A holistic, enterprise-wide approach to security
The Presidia Converged Security Methodology

ADGA’s Converged Security Solutions (CSS) team employs the Presidia Converged Security Methodology to guide clients on their journey towards a fully mature, risk-informed, and  holistic security program. Built upon a commitment to securing a client’s infrastructure, people, processes and data across the physical and cyber domains, our methodology ensures clients gain visibility into their security risks, control over their security resources and confidence in their mitigation efforts.

Assess -> Design -> Build -> Maintain

The Presidia methodology considers all elements of an enterprise-level security engagement, addressing intersecting requirements across domains. Rather than create an artificial divide between physical and cyber security, we ensure that all aspects of security are considered as a whole, applying the best talent and solutions for the job at hand.

By providing one-stop-shopping for custom security solutions, organizations of all sizes can be assured that every aspect of their business is considered with the same world-class expertise, coupled with consistent relationship management that is focussed on overall objectives. Just as importantly, our framework allows us to cost-effectively tailor our suite of services to match and anticipate organizational needs.


Threat and Risk Assessments Physical, Cyber or combined TRAs conducted to assist clients in understanding current risks. May also be done as a conceptual assessment in support of defining security requirements for future builds.
Security Program Reviews
Maturity Assessments
Current State Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments
Complete review of a client’s security program designed to align security measures with client needs. Assists clients in identifying vulnerabilities and/or gaps in existing security programs to guide the development of a more mature security program.
Scope is generally defined by the client but can include physical security, IM/IT security, electronic security systems, incident response and management, security awareness and training, personnel security, security intelligence, and supply chain and contract security.
Compliance Assessments Security review targeting a specific regulatory or other industry standard to ensure compliance. These may focus on cyber security standards (ITSG, NIST, ISO, ITIL etc) or physical security standards (laboratory security, privacy standards, critical infrastructure standards etc).
Technical Security Counter-Measures Technical search for clandestine listening devices (bug sweeps).


Security Design Brief Following a conceptual TRA, a security design brief involves the development of a detailed security plan tailored to meet the client’s specific security needs. These are generally done in support of the architectural design phase of construction in order to ensure security considerations are built into the overall design. Applies to both physical and network infrastructures. Physical infrastructure security design includes Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles and electronic security system design. Includes security design for high security facilities and spaces like SCIFs.
Development of Security Specifications Development of security specs for inclusion into tender documents. Services can also include assisting clients with evaluating vendor submissions.
Security Program Strategic Roadmap Following a security program review or current state assessment, the development of a strategic roadmap to guide clients on their development of a tailored, mature security program with milestones and cost estimates.
Risk Management Framework Development of governance and policy frameworks to assist clients in adopting a risk management approach to their security program.
Security Organization Design Tailored support to assist clients in establishing an effective security team with related governance structures.
Emergency Management Planning Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Incident Management etc. Tailored support to assist clients in developing, implementing and exercising emergency management plans.


Policies, Procedures, Playbooks Development of specific security policies, procedures and playbooks to assist clients in closing gaps within their overall security program.
Configuration Support Technical support to configuration management of electronic security systems or cyber security controls.
System Commissioning Verification that electronic security systems were installed in accordance with tender specs.
Program Development Development of new security programs for clients (eg travel security programs, security incident management programs, executive security programs, supply chain security programs, insider risk management)
Staffing Support Staff augmentation to support security roles


Training and Security Awareness Tailored training to support security needs, including investigation/interview training for personnel screening or incident response.
Threat Intelligence Open-Source and Social Media intelligence monitoring and reporting of security threats against sites, organizations and/or people. Provided as an on-going subscription service.
Investigation Services On-demand investigation support for incident response or as part of due diligence investigations related to personnel or supply chain security.
Virtual CSO/CISO Services Contracted services to provide CSO/CISO or security management support in place of a client hiring a full-time internal resource.

Services designed to empower decision makers

At ADGA, we don’t just leave our clients with a to-do list of holes to patch. By taking a deep look at all aspects of an organization’s security, we provide decision-making tools that let management make informed, quality decisions on how they allocate their resources and budgets, balanced against the risks we identify.

Our services empower leaders to become advocates for effective and affordable security measures and governance, supporting them on their journey towards program maturity.

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