Take every opportunity to keep learning
My dad is a communications engineer, so ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an engineer in a field like his. And if you look at all the different areas I’ve studied and worked in, from learning about internet protocols and the optimization of cellular networks, to network topologies and security, it’s all about my need to keep learning, even if doesn’t apply directly to my job. More than anything else it’s the reason I decided to stay in this field, just to keep acquiring more knowledge. 

Approachability is key to a good workplace
The great thing about our culture in general is the level of professionalism and deep expertise, but at the same time everyone is approachable and open which makes it an enjoyable environment, even though the work is obviously very serious. In past jobs, there’s been really strict work relationship with my managers, which can make it harder to actually learn from them.

Doing work that matters
I was a bit nervous when I went in for my job interview. But right away I could tell that I liked these people and realized I could learn an enormous amount from them based on how experienced and knowledgeable they are. Plus, I would be doing work that matters in the world, work that’s helping to keep people safe.

My ADGA Mentor

Chris Liteplo, Systems Tester
Chris used to take care of the system I currently work with. If I ever need anything, even when I’m working late, I go to him. It doesn’t matter how many times I might’ve asked him the same question, he’s never frustrated, he always has time. Fun maybe isn’t the appropriate word, but it’s almost like that working with Chris and learning from him.

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