Care for your team like a family
Working together for over 20 years we grew into such an amazing team in Weapon System Management, like one big family. Even as the team got bigger we only got tighter, sharing a sense of belonging to something important. You feel good within an environment that fosters respect, encouragement, and appreciation. You feel that it’s worth it to go the extra mile, because you know it will be very appreciated.

Seize the opportunities you’re given
I feel supported because we actually have a woman like Françoise Gagnon leading us. As a woman, you can feel it. She wants everyone here to succeed and have a great career. Sometimes it can it be hard for a woman in this industry; regardless of your education level or your hard work, it’s going to be a little bit challenging to cross some hurdles. Knowing that you have a woman in leadership supporting you, adds a huge level of comfort, along with the encouragement to seize the opportunities you’re given to move forward in your career.

Set expectations yourself, don’t wait for others to do it
Even in such a positive and encouraging work environment like ours, my philosophy has always been to set high expectations for myself, then the rest comes. So, work hard and be honest, and give 100 percent. When you’re that type of person, opportunity tends to come knocking at your door. People want to give you roles with more responsibilities, because you have proved yourself worthy of another challenge, another opportunity. They want you to excel and have a meaningful career within the company.

My ADGA Mentors

Military veterans on the team
I learned so much from people on the team who served Canada in uniform. One served for about 35 years, another person a lot longer. They have been a big influence on my career, because these people introduced the idea of work with a sense of duty, and a sense of responsibility. I mean, you are there to help support the troops at the front lines. We all share accountability. It’s that type of mentality where a responsibility was entrusted to you to deliver. You have to be able to assume it and assume it properly, honestly and fully.

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