Steeve Bergeron

Vice-President, Finance

Steeve has grown his career in the IT and governmental service industry, helping businesses optimizing their financial processes and reporting. Steeve thrives by developing innovating thinking within the accounting function while promoting positive environment within the organization.

His progressive experience in all aspects of accounting and finance within various size companies helps him understand the reality conceptualizes the impact of a multidisciplinary company in the finance department. In his most-recent role as CFO for Cowater International, he oversaw financial activities in over 30 emerging countries on caried size projects funded by Canadian, UK and Australian government as well as European Commission and other global funding agency.


Prior to Cowater, Steeve held various positions within corporate finance of CGI, From Finance Team lead, Corporate Finance Manager to Director of Finance for the National Capital Region. His roles brought him to lead internal projects locally and in other countries, including France, Finland, and Philippines, supporting the fast-growth cycle of the company and M&A activities.

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