Enterprise Computing ADGA’s Expertise

Application / Database Development & Maintenance

We supply expertise to enterprises for project-specific or pan-program initiatives for the development, implementation, integration and maintenance of IM/IT applications and database management services, such as write, test, integrate, implement, deploy, operate and maintain functions.

Enterprise Architecture

Our sound architecture principles and practices guide organizations through the business of information and systems with a comprehensive approach that spans people, processes and technology. We provide the talent and the organizational logic for business processes that transform complex functional requirements into robust technology solutions through formal analysis, detailed design, comprehensive planning and robust implementation.

Project Management

Our engineering management methodology connects subject matter experts, executives and business enablers with project management and technology, to take a program from initial concept to delivery with the least risk.

We take a three-step approach: Plan and Organize; Acquire and Implement; Monitor and Evaluate.

Cloud Computing

Our experts are principal architects of Canadian enterprise cloud and big data strategies. They have a demonstrated understanding of data centre infrastructures, software and platforms-as-a-service across an array of cloud environments. We provide application development, and broker on-demand computing and distributed storage and processing in a manner that guarantees data sovereignty in compliance with Canadian privacy law.

Digital Transformation

We demystify digital transformation to help clients deploy and effectively manage cloud-based and enterprise computing technologies. This ranges from routine operations to the most sensitive and mission-critical. We ensure clients can better serve their stakeholders and become more competitive while safeguarding against cyber risks, today and in the future.

To book your ADGA Enterprise Computing consultation, please contact us.

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