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Why Choose ADGA

When you choose ADGA, you are choosing excellence.

For more than 50 years, our unwavering commitment to service excellence has been the hallmark of our company. This is exemplified in our long-term client relationships. Our leading innovative technology solutions are the cornerstone of our business and why ADGA is the first choice for business solutions in Defence, Security and Enterprise Computing.

ADGA has the experience to deliver on your projects and deliverables.  We are leaders in the assessment, implementation and deployment of mission-critical projects requiring multiple levels of security. Our framework for security implementation is unmatched and often becomes the benchmark from which our clients and partners move forward. We engineer solutions that are tailored to client specification and are backed with innovative technology.

Our focus on long-term client relationships and quality is key to our longevity and success. Our processes are ISO certified to 9001 standard, one of many reasons why clients surveyed said they would recommend or renew our services.

ADGA’s Quality Manual is a valuable source of information for staff and interested parties. It provides an overview of our quality initiatives.

ADGA leads. ADGA engineers. ADGA secures. ADGA delivers.