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ADGA’s Expertise in Action


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Secure Cards
In May 2008, the Government of Canada approved an initiative to enhance an important social support program for a major government department. This...

Security is not only a product, it’s a process steeped in experience and expertise.

With decades of experience protecting people and property and an extensive suite of electronic security systems, we provide round-the-clock security...
Defending Canadians

Our personnel is comprised of many retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces who know and understand the defence landscape firsthand.

ADGA is privileged to hold a key leadership role in a highly sophisticated and complex Army IT program. As a trusted partner, ADGA has been providing...

ADGA’s R&D is changing the way earth observation data is accessed and used by many industries, including emergency management.

Space-based earth observation (EO) data of all kinds are underutilized due to barriers preventing individuals, organizations and governments from...