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A Social Support System from Secure cards to complete database integration.

Secure Cards

A Social Support System from Secure cards to complete database integration.

In May, 2008, the Government of Canada (GoC) approved an initiative to enhance an important social support program for a major government department. This initiative was a significant shift in focus for that department, moving it from being simply a funder, to working with its constituents on results-based accountability. ADGA built a custom-made information technology (IT) System as an essential tool to support this reform.

We provided Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) professional services in the form of twenty-two (22) resources performing a range of services that encompassed the development life cycle of the System. Services performed include development of the System’s architecture business requirements for data collection, analysis, report and information sharing; and performing Web Application Development. ADGA also delivered a service plan identifying team structure, work schedule, Quality Assurance (QA) and other project management support and documentation as required by the Client.

The System measures social program performance for the Department and collects essential information about the program and reviews the information to track vital performance indicators.

The overall project had three (3) major components:

  1. Identifying needed changes to current business practices in order to optimize the results of the System –- this was done in discussion with constituents and Departmental regional and Headquarters staff and included: determining the performance measures for the system; identifying corresponding reporting requirements; redesigning reporting forms; reviewing methods of reporting; and related issues;

  2. Developing an IT solution that met the identified business requirements for data collection, simplification, analysis, reporting and information sharing; and

  3. Providing training and support to maximize the acceptance, use and supportability of the new system. The project's IT team required resources (or extensions for resources) to support project delivery/implementation (Web Application Development) after project approval.

The System is an enterprise level web-based computer application that delivers improved program management processes, accountability and an analytical capacity to the department. ADGA continues to perform work on the project under various roles including: Application/Software Architects (A/SAs); Business Transformation Architects (BTAs;Business Analysts (BAs); Web Developers (WDs); Database Analysts/IM Administrators (DBAs/IMAs).

The work is performed using the Departmental common infrastructure and application development services and tools in alignment with departmental standards and environment for the provision of Web Application Services, based upon: Oracle Databases, Windows Server 2003, Internet Information Server, MS Visual Interdev (ASP and VB6), MS Visual Studio (ASP.NET and VB.NET), MS .NET framework, CSLA .Net framework, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS Web Services Enhancements (WSE), Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise and PL/SQL. All services adhered to TBS Standards on Web Accessibility, Interoperability and Usability.

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