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Defence – Of Canadians. For Canadians. By Canadians.

Defence Engineerging

Defence – Of Canadians. For Canadians. By Canadians.

We are Canadian, headquartered in Ottawa, and our workforce is comprised of many retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces: we know and understand the Defence landscape

ADGA is privileged to carry out a key leadership role in a highly sophisticated and complex Army IT program. As a trusted partner, ADGA has been providing Systems and Software Engineering, Project Management and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services in support of the ongoing evolution and maintenance of a complex Canadian Army Information Technology (IT) System-of-Systems. ADGA’s team provides Project Management and IT Specialist services to Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Life Cycle Materiel Managers (LCMMs) for the systems’ software components. Our ADGA team also provides technical support services through Department of National Defence (DND) channels to joint (Army, Navy, Air Force) and international (e.g., NATO) organizations for multilateral programs.

ADGA works closely with clients to ensure that the solutions we provide are turn-key and meet budget and operational requirements. Our ability to create, develop, test and deploy systems of this complexity is ADGA’s unique value proposition. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is applied to both the development of new and maintenance of legacy systems.

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