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Converged Security Solutions

Converged Security Solutions

Security is not only a product, it’s a process steeped in experience and expertise

With Decades of experience protecting people and property and an extensive suite of electronic security systems we provide 24/7 security for a number of its facilities across Canada. This suite of technologies provides a wide range of security services including surveillance and monitoring of the facilities. Surveillance activities include the requirement to provide chain of evidence in the event of a security breach of any kind. As such, systems, such as remotely-controlled video cameras and radar systems are implemented in a manner such that network recorders capture, log, store and provide retrieval of surveillance information/images on demand.

ADGA’s team of security experts are deployed across Canada, from urban to remote locations. They are tasked with ensuring 24/7 availability of all electronic security systems in all geographic areas of Canada, including all remotely-operated security devices and sensors of every size, and complexity. We manage and maintain the organization’s security system which is critical to the safety of the facility, and its employees.

From video cameras to ground and fence sensors and perimeter protection we provide our clients with comprehensive records and procedures related to the remote operation, data acquisition and life cycle management of every installation. We have built on the success of this contract and our in-house expertise; ADGA has leveraged its capabilities in a variety of other applications, garnering praise from its clients for our ability to do the work, at times in the most demanding conditions, and doing so in a cost-effective way with no compromise to our excellence in service and delivery.

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