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Capability Development:

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Capability Development:

Our team of expert developers collaborate with both team members and clientele to deliver software solutions that are rich with features, user-friendly, and provide time and cost savings to the client. Our developers are subject matter experts who bring industry know how and best practices to each project. ADGA offers the following set of development competencies to our clients and we tailor our solutions exactly to their needs.

  • Microsoft Windows Platform Development (VB.Net, WPF, C++ and C#)
  • Ada Programming
  • SQL Database Development
  • PL/SQL Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Simulation development using Virtual Battlespace 2 and 3 (VBS 2 & 3)
  • Web Applications (JScript, Silverlight, ASP.NET and WCF)
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Agile Development Processes
  • UML Modelling and Systems Requirements Definition
  • Software Release and Configuration Management

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