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Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

ADGA offers a comprehensive solution set for Command, Control, Communications, Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). Our subject matter experts address the challenges presented by the complex nature of modern conflict. ADGA has built its 50-year reputation on providing its clients with innovative solutions in a cost-effective manner.

ADGA is evolving to a C5ISR practice by integrating traditional C4ISR, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Electronic Warfare (EW), with Combat Systems that leverage both space and the emerging domain of CyberISR. ADGA provides robust solutions to a wide range of defence programs through the provision of: Professional Services (PS), Project Management (PM), Engineering Support Services (ESS), Operational Support Services (OSS), Strategic Innovation and Capability Development.

Our expertise and solutions support the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) implementation of the full range of conventional to hybrid conflict, as well as the evolution towards adaptive dispersed operations using:

  • Intelligence offering persistent coverage at greater depth-of-field and resolution;
  • Robust Command and Control using agile networks and elastic computing;
  • Rapid and cost-effective virtual and constructive modeling and simulation capabilities including product design, development and engineering support services;
  • Trusted global communications;
  • CyberISR;
  • Mission Assurance;
  • Special Operational Security; and
  • Rapid Engineering Support.

While C4ISR is traditionally recognized as a military term, these concepts and processes apply equally to the private and public sectors such as intelligence-led business operations, critical infrastructure protection, emergency services or crisis management.

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