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Remaining Secure and Resilient: Global Security in the Internet-of-Everything

Raise your awareness
Remaining Secure and Resilient: Global Security in the Internet-of-Everything

December 1 2016: Raise your awareness  

Imagine the future. Your future. The pace at which the world is experiencing change, from social media to bitcoins. Cyberspace, is changing the way we live, with an increasing threat to both global security and personal privacy. 

On December 1st, ADGA is hosting an exclusive free event with leading experts in Global Security. Our panelists will convene on the subject of Remaining Secure and Resilient: Global Security in the Internet-of-Everything; providing insightful dialogue and forward-thinking ideas on the evolution and emerging challenges of cyber, global insecurity, strategic deterrence and more. 

The panelists will provide presentations and Davos Style discussion based upon moderator and audience questions.

Richard B. Fadden
Former National Security Advisor, Deputy Minister of National Defence, and Director of CSIS

Ray Boisvert
CEO, I-Sec Integrated Strategies, and former Assistant Director, Intelligence, CSIS

Tyson Macaulay
Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security Strategist, Intel, MacAfee, Fortinet, 
and Security Liaison Officer for Bell Canada

Rafal Rohozinski
CEO, SecDev Group, and Senior Consulting Fellow at International Institute for Strategic Studies

The Honourable Vernon White
Senator, former Assistant Commissioner RCMP, and Ottawa Chief of Police

Context for Discussion

Three decades ago, the Cold War was still raging and nuclear conflict between states represented the principal threat to international security. With the collapse of the Soviet bloc came a rise in transnational terrorism. The advent and wide availability of the internet, mobile phones, and social media has given rise to a multitude of security challenges that were never envisioned.

We are now faced with cyber-espionage, super-empowered non-state actors, insurgency, and hybrid warfare. In a few short years, technology has gone from teletype messages to mobile phones, social media, personal drones, and bitcoins in our wallet. Picture an aircraft as software with wings, a spaceship as a rocket-propelled supercomputer and navy ships as floating data-centers. The next version of cyberspace will sense human civilization to extraordinary precision, stressing sovereignty, global security and personal privacy.

The dialogue will address cross-cutting issues of cyber, global insecurity, strategic deterrence, radicalization and purposeful interference of critical infrastructure.

For registration details contact us today:

Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 10:00