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Today’s talent. Tomorrow’s success.

Susanne joined ADGA in April 2017 in the position of Manager, Recruitment.  She came to the role with extensive experience in Finance and HR. Susanne chose ADGA has she saw it as a great opportunity to get back into the private sector. Born and raised in Montreal, Susanne has been living in Ottawa for eight years.  She holds a degree in political science from Concordia University. After a decade in finance, she made a career change into HR. She found it more rewarding to work with people over numbers and felt fulfilled when managing a team.

“Career changes are not easy, but are a wonderful learning opportunity.” Said Susanne “I recommend having an open mind and staying humble.  Expect some ups and downs but don’t give up.  In the end, it will be worth it.”  

Susanne’s philosophy is that recruiting is not about finding jobs for people.  It is about finding the right people for your client’s job.  It is about staffing a role, a department or an organization with talent that will correctly execute and deliver the company’s mandate; thereby contributing towards organizational success.  Recruiting starts with either an existing vacancy or a projected vacancy. 

Specific to ADGA, Recruiters need to be knowledgeable about a myriad of often complex, security clearance level roles in three key areas, Defense, Enterprise Computing and Security.  Their process is to identify, consult, learn, attract, assess, measure, monitor, report and hire.  Add to that the competitive nature of our environment, our Recruiters need to also understand the public service contracting and procurement process, RFP’s, RFI’s, bids, pricing.

“We are striving for excellence and looking for new and better ways to recruit and execute our mandate.” Said Susanne “It is truly exciting and requires a lot of passion, commitment and resilience!  The team and I are embracing this challenge.”

The recruiting team’s vision: to deliver exceptional service in a timely manner.  “I believe that everyone that uses our services is a client and every interaction matters,” says Susanne. “Recruitment is critical to our success and we take that responsibility to heart.”

This forward-looking team does not shy away from using the newest tools at their disposal. Social media is a new trend in recruitment use their own networks to recruit potential candidates.

Susanne Griffith, CHRL

When Susanne is not working with her team filling positions and supporting incoming bids, she enjoys music and the arts. She refers to herself as a ‘very amateur painter’. Susanne is also the recipient of the 2017 Welcoming Ottawa Ambassador award as a mentor to new Canadians, assisting them with finding work.