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ADGA team members across the country contribute to our communities in many ways.  While we as a company support various charitable causes, ADGA employees also give of their time and resources in their personal time. Here are some of the events and profiles that highlight our engagement of late.

ADGA members running in support of our Canadian Army

Once again this year, ADGA was proud to support the Canadian Army Run as an Ally Sponsor. 50% of the work ADGA is privileged to carry out is Defence-related and many of our employees and consultants have worn the uniform and continue to do so as reservists.  Supporting our troops is not an event but rather, something we do every day.  The Army Run is an opportunity for ADGA to thank the men and women who serve Canada, while contributing to Soldier On and Support our Troops. This year, nine ADGA team members took part in the run including Mike, George, Jacques, Mike, Paul, Rick, Xia, Bhavna and Pauline pictured above.

“As a retired Army officer, this run is a way of staying connected to a culture that is core to who I am as a person” said Rick Bowes, Senior Director, Defence. “The need to care for veterans and those affected by the demands of service life resonates with me. In 1994, I was deployed and away from my family 10 months out of 12. The reintegration period was not without its challenges with little support offered to families at that time. The assistance provided by Soldier On and Support our Troops is instrumental to the well-being of military families.”


Giving Back to my community through Bruyère Continuing Care

Louis Savoie, Senior Director, Enterprise Computing, has been involved with the Bruyère Continuing Care (BCC) Board for 4 years. On weekdays, Louis can be found either at the office leading a team of Account Executives, or with clients growing our business footprint to build a bigger, better future for ADGA, it’s employees and consultants. 

“Leveraging years of experience and providing leadership to develop a “Sales Culture” is what I feel passionate about” says Louis. “But that passion extends to volunteering. Throughout my career, I have been involved with numerous charities, Boards, and sports teams.”

Based in Ottawa, the Bruyère Continuing Care (BCC) operates Saint Vincent Hospital, Bruyère Hospital, Bruyère Long Term Care, Residence St. Louis in Orleans.  Most people would know of Bruyère for its World Class Palliative Care unit, but BCC does so much more: it is a teaching hospital, has a memory clinic, and has a family health team, a geriatric healthcare unit, ventilator unit and many other specialized services.

Louis has been active on the BCC Board for 4 years, currently as Chair of the Audit and Resource Management Committee, and as Treasurer and Vice-Chair of the Board.

“With our aging population, myself included, healthcare is and will become a challenge both fiscally and in regards to our capacity to meet the healthcare challenge.  I wanted to contribute my experience and skills to help guide Bruyère on its way forward,” says Louis.

We applaud Louis for his contributions within ADGA as well as to the broader community.


Thanksgiving Outreach at Toronto’s Mobile Food Bank

In the lead up to Thanksgiving weekend, ADGA’s Toronto office volunteered at the Red Cross’ Toronto Branch in support of their Mobile Food Bank service.

“The Mobile Food Bank provides a critical service to some of the most vulnerable members of our community” said Ryan Rodriguez, ADGA’s Managing Director for Toronto. “We were thrilled to once again support this amazing program, and look forward to collaborating with the Red Cross on other initiatives over the coming year.”

Run largely off of donations and volunteers, the Red Cross’ Mobile Food Bank delivers food to persons who are unable to access a food bank due to permanent or temporary disability. The program also provides a safety check, health status monitoring and social interactions for residents across the City of Toronto – many of whom are elderly or living with severe disabilities.

ADGA is dedicated to giving back and to building strong, vibrant communities. For more information on our community investments, visit our website at To learn more about the Red Cross and its Mobile Food Bank service in Toronto, visit