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ADGA invests in its people in many ways including this unique opportunity to experience the CAF - Day 2

We continue to follow the professional growth journey of the ADGA team members in ‘real time’. Day two puts the leadership, teamwork and communication skills of the ADGA team to the test yet again.

“I feel very privileged to be able to get a glimpse into the lives of people who have chosen to serve. I have a profound new appreciation for the extreme physicality of what they do to stay in shape. I am proud and so humbled to be a part of this, to be included. So many people have put aside their time to do this with us. I'm sure it's an interruption for their routine but they are all being very kind and encouraging.” Monica, Business Services Manager

Today they will be executing a military raid. Their goal: destroying an enemy battle position. Teamwork and preparation will be key to successfully completing this task.

23 squadron working with the ADGA team with some C-4 explosives

An army raid would not be complete without proper rifle training. Our managing director of the GTA office looks ready to go!


Two lectures are planned for today. One regarding the development of subordinate leaders and the other on effective leadership within an organizational context. As this is a mutual learning experience, our very own Ryan Rodriguez will give the second lecture. His focus is change management and how to thrive in and environment of consistent change.

Our Kingston Office works on simulators for the LAV 6. Our team members got to ride in one today & see our work put to use.

team adga

This evening the ADGA team members shed the camo attire for full regalia. The 2017 Legacy Dinner will be a time for them to share stories as new members of the Regimental Family.

Like and follow our social media channels for additional photos and videos of today’s events.

Like and follow our social media channels for more photos and videos of today’s events.

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