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The Birchall Leadership Award

The Birchall Leadership Award is presented by the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada to honour the memory of Air Commodore Leonard J. Birchall CM, OBE, DFC, OO, CD. The award seeks to carry on this tradition of leadership by honouring its recipients in the name of one of Canada's finest leaders. ADGA’s Chair of the Strategic Advisory Council, General [Ret’d] Raymond R. Henault CMM, MSC, CD, was a recipient of this award in 2008. This year’s event was held at the Canadian warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton Ontario. The 2017 recipient of this prestigious award was Colonel Chris Hadfield...

The ADGA Team: we give where we live

Army Run
ADGA team members across the country contribute to our communities in many ways. While we as a company support various charitable causes, ADGA employees also give of their time and resources in their personal time. Here are some of the events and profiles that highlight our engagement of late. ADGA members running in support of our Canadian Army Once again this year, ADGA was proud to support the Canadian Army Run as an Ally Sponsor. 50% of the work ADGA is privileged to carry out is Defence-related and many of our employees and consultants have worn the uniform and continue to do so as...

New faces at ADGA: Susanne Griffith

Today’s talent. Tomorrow’s success.
Susanne Griffith
Susanne joined ADGA in April 2017 in the position of Manager, Recruitment. She came to the role with extensive experience in Finance and HR. Susanne chose ADGA has she saw it as a great opportunity to get back into the private sector. Born and raised in Montreal, Susanne has been living in Ottawa for eight years. She holds a degree in political science from Concordia University. After a decade in finance, she made a career change into HR. She found it more rewarding to work with people over numbers and felt fulfilled when managing a team. “Career changes are not easy, but are a wonderful...

Growing our business and putting employees first

Since 2014, ADGA has been executing on a growth strategy that is yielding strong results. This growth is the mechanism by which we can further invest in our people through the introduction of new benefits, such as the Health Care Spending Account and our forthcoming Deferred Profit Sharing Pension Plan. Recent wins for ADGA include: A multi-year Simulation Technical Investigation and Engineering Studies (SIM TIES) contract aimed atproviding virtual and constructive simulation engineering support and operational subject matter expertise (SME) services to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and...

Giving Back

Thanksgiving Outreach at Toronto’s Mobile Food Bank
ADGA In the Community
In the lead up to Thanksgiving weekend, ADGA’s Toronto office took the morning off to volunteer at the Red Cross’ Toronto Branch in support of their Mobile Food Bank service. “The Mobile Food Bank provides a critical service to some of the most vulnerable members of our community” said Ryan Rodriguez, ADGA’s Managing Director for Toronto. “We were thrilled to once again support this amazing program, and look forward to collaborating with the Red Cross on other initiatives over the coming year.” Mostly dependent on donations and volunteers, the Red Cross’ Mobile Food Bank delivers food to...

GTA office donating their time to the Red Cross's mobile food bank

ADGA Red Cross
From left to right Quinn Lee, Ryan Rodriguez, Neil Yadav, Ezinne Okwuosa and Martha Gutierrez, Program coordinator at the MFB. Our Toronto office made their way to the Red Cross’ offices to volunteer with their Mobile Food Bank program (MFB). The Mobile Food Bank is a remarkable program run by The Red Cross in Toronto, The Mobile Food Bank service delivers food to persons who are unable to access a food bank due to a permanent or temporary disability. The program, not only provides access to nutritious meals, but in some cases also provides a safety check, health status monitoring and social...

ADGA invests in its people in many ways including this unique opportunity to experience the CAF - Day 2

We continue to follow the professional growth journey of the ADGA team members in ‘real time’. Day two puts the leadership, teamwork and communication skills of the ADGA team to the test yet again. “I feel very privileged to be able to get a glimpse into the lives of people who have chosen to serve. I have a profound new appreciation for the extreme physicality of what they do to stay in shape. I am proud and so humbled to be a part of this, to be included. So many people have put aside their time to do this with us. I'm sure it's an interruption for their routine but they are all being very...

Not Petya or Ransomware

The media was certainly quick to flame the story that the 'NotPetya' ransomware was sweeping the globe in pandemic proportions. To put things in perspective, this Ransomware affected an order of magnitude fewer computers than Wannacry, and it exploits the same Windows vulnerability that we have know of for months. Furthermore, if you have upgraded or patched your system or are using any antivirus software, then you are not likely to be affected. There are a few interesting characteristics of the malware: It is more damaging than WannaCry (if you are infected) because it propagates better and...

ADGA invests in its people in many ways including this unique opportunity to experience the CAF

July 5th
For two days, ADGA team members are with the Canadian Armed Forces for a team building opportunity and professional development program We are following their journey in ‘real time’ over the course of the two days. Through blog posts such as these and posts on social media, follow our team members in this exercise that hones leadership, communications and teamwork skills. Today Monica, Business Services Manager, Ron, Supervisor of Ontario Regions, Pierre, Senior Project Lead, Alan, Space Lab Engineer, Ryan, Managing Director, GTA, and Andrea, Test Manager began their day with a 0600hrs...


RANSOMWARE targeted users first, technology second.
The attack started on Friday, 12 May 2017. It targeted users of older Microsoft Windows operating systems using phishing e-mails as the contagion vector. By Monday, the code had infected more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries. The truth is that, Ransomware attacks have been growing in Canada over the past year. Exploits purportedly stolen from US intelligence agencies have hit the street and are being repurposed into crimeware 1 . We have been monitoring this trend closely and recognized the significance of the exploit. It is worth pointing out that these incidents are less about...