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APS Aviation

In 1993, ADGA acquired a unique business specializing in aviation winter operations called APS Aviation Inc. (APS). Since this acquisition, ADGA – through APS – has been providing research and consulting services focused on aviation winter operations (aircraft de/anti-icing fluids, equipment, technology, and operations) to the Aviation Industry at large. 

APS has an enviable leadership role in the Canadian aviation sector, providing a variety of aviation services to over 100 clients including government (Transport Canada and FAA) and private industry (fluid manufacturers, deicing service providers, airlines, equipment manufacturers) in more than 30 counties including Canada, United States, Africa, South and Central America, the Middle East and Asia.

APS actively participates in bi-annual international conferences on aircraft ground icing. Our project managers and lead researchers, who are selected for their industry, operational and technical experience, are key participants in these conferences providing multiple presentations on our work, leading industry working groups, and sponsoring international standards documents. Leaders in our field recognize that our specialized knowledge and unique industry role position us to provide distinctive services to all organizations with interests in this field.

Follow the links below to learn more about our work in the area of Aircraft Ground Icing Research and our related Aircraft Ground Icing iOS app.


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