Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Putting diversity, equity, and inclusion into action

We strive every day at ADGA to foster an equitable and diverse workplace, where each individual has access to the opportunities and resources that they need to reach their full potential. As a woman-led company, we don’t just welcome diversity in thought, gender, and culture, we make it a strategic priority.

We believe that the ADGA family must reflect the true diversity of our nation, and that the most successful companies are those that put the principles of equity and inclusion into action to help their workforce, clients, and communities thrive.

Attracting diverse talent is only the beginning. A supportive and inclusive work environment is one that enables everyone to contribute. It’s a workplace where new ideas and perspectives are encouraged, helping to foster innovation, improve client relations, and enhance our overall growth. Sustained equity and diversity efforts, we firmly believe, tangibly benefit all of our stakeholders.

We work to remove barriers and create an equitable workplace at all levels, where the individual differences and contributions of our team members are recognized and celebrated. Respect for our peers, as well as everyone we interact with, is enshrined as one of ADGA’s core values, and we expect every member of the ADGA family, from leadership down, to play a role in this.

ADGA is committed to having fair and inclusive policies and practices for all job applicants and employees, and providing, to the greatest extent possible, a safe and accessible work environment, free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and differences are celebrated.

Through sustained organizational efforts, reviewed and measured on an annual basis, we aim to continue to build upon previous achievements and to lead in new areas.

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