André Fiset

Chief Technology Officer, Extravision Security Technologies

André Fiset is the founder of Extravision Security Technologies and currently acts as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. His principal role covers the Business Development aspect, customer and partner relationship. He also leads a team of security experts involved in numerous aspects of security technologies as well as consultants specialized physical and logical security roles. His field of expertise focuses on system’s architecture, engineering and integration of technologies for security as well as tactical operations and emergency response in Counter-Terrorism.

In 2005, André Fiset retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) where he served last as a Senior Criminal Investigator. André also worked with the Counter-Terrorist Emergency Response Team for over 10 years. He led this group, one of the most solicited team for missions in Canada, on more than 800 assignments of all sorts. André Fiset also worked jointly with the Department of National Defense to establish and implement standard operating procedures particularly for Aerial and Terrestrial tactical operations in Counter-Terrorist operations.

André has recently participated in the implementation of physical protection and protective force security upgrades at classified overseas nuclear weapon complexes and special nuclear material processing facilities.

André Fiset ties together security technologies stemming from threat assessments, identified vulnerabilities, managed security upgrades, as well as the integration of protective forces in the development of security plans. Coordinates security activities concerned with the development, procurement, installation and implementation of physical protection devices at multiple locations. Provides procedural and technical solutions to reduce vulnerabilities and increase the effectiveness of the security system at several installations.