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Converged Security Solutions

ADGA’s Converged security solutions offers unparalleled expertise in all facets of security with a combination of capabilities never before seen in Canada.

Converged Security Solutions combines the services and experience of ADGA with that of wholly owned partner companies Extravision Security Technologies and Presidia Security Consulting. We work from coast to coast to coast. Our world-class capabilities span personnel security, cyber security, electronic security systems and physical security.

This ensures clients have all they need to protect their people, their assets (including data and facilities) and their reputation in a threat and risk landscape that is increasingly complex and dynamic. Our integrated and people-centric approach is discreet, confidential and consultative. Everything we do is delivered to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Organizations need a cohesive game plan

Why did ADGA join forces with Extravision and Presidia to serve the needs of private and public sector organizations across Canada?

The world of security is complex and multi-faceted. Physical security must contend with terrorist threats and the use of consumer technologies. Malicious activities in cyberspace that target large organizations now also prey on individuals. Procedures to secure your people when they travel to high-risk locations, for example, must address more than personal safety – a hacked laptop or a stolen smartphone can enable intellectual property theft or a data breach of your IT systems.

To be effective, a security strategy must take a cohesive and holistic approach that addresses all of an organization’s needs, from the firewall to the backdoor. But few security vendors offer a truly competitive and converged security solution that can be tailored to the individual needs of a facility or an organization.

How a Converged Security Solutions approach benefits you

Converged Security Solutions frees our clients from the time, expense and headache of having to procure and manage a patchwork of products and services from different vendors.

Organizations large and small – government, corporate, private and non-profit – benefit from one-stop shopping for the customized package they need. Our expertise and services are enriched by a global network of trusted industry partners.

All this provides assurance that your integrity and reputation is protected while reducing costs and streamlining your security operations.

An Enterprise Risk Management framework

The foundation of ADGA’s Converged Security Solutions is our Enterprise Risk Management framework.

This takes a full-stack and holistic approach to identify risk relative to organizational objectives. From this, we customize a robust security program that offers a cost-effective and comprehensive response strategy for results that are tangible and validated.

The ADGA Security process includes:

  •         Security project management services
  •         Developing policies, plans and procedures
  •         Security threat and risk assessments (TRAs)
  •         Regulatory compliance
  •         Security training and awareness programs

A one-stop shop: The breadth of our services

We have the proven in-house capabilities to provide the following as part of your customized Security Program.