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ADGA’s practices are steeped in engineering rigor. We have a track record of development and deployment of mission-critical projects that are large in scope and scale. Our subject matter experts maintain the latest in engineering best-practices and are highly skilled and certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We deliver programs and projects on time and on schedule.

ADGA provides robust Project Management Engineering Support Services (PMESS) using trusted strategic advisors and expert-led teams, who can deliver: Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), Quality Assurance, engineering capability development, Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and In-Service Support (ISS).

We combine our project management expertise with complex engineering experience, sound business practices, strong partnerships, thought-leadership and applied innovation, reinforcing the capacity to plan, build, deploy and operate multi-year programs of strategic national significance, global scope and scale.

ADGA has a proven track record of taking concepts from initial design into the development delivery phase and throughout the entire program lifecycle, guaranteed by decades of experience managing large-enterprise-scale, complex programs and mission-critical operational systems.

ADGA provides its clients with professional Engineering Management Consulting Services to analyze, plan, strategize, evaluate and measure technological change, particularly as it relates to their mission-critical projects and operational systems. We also provide trusted independent Strategic advisory and thought leadership, business intelligence analysis and systems development services as well as Executive Management Consulting.

ADGA brings specialties and references in relevant domains such as: Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Engineering Support Services, Systems Design, Software Engineering and Security Engineering. We are known for our disciplined engineering approach providing:

  • Total Project Management with Documented and Auditable Management Rigor;
  • Evidence-based Requirements and Needs Examination;
  • Objective Options Analysis and Program Planning;
  • Disciplined Project Definition, Scheduling, Cost Estimation and Risk Characterization;
  • Independent Verification, Validation and Compliance Assurance;
  • System-wide Security;
  • Executive Decision Support;
  • Enterprise Architecture and Modelling;
  • Business Process Mapping and Re-engineering;
  • Financial Management Expertise; and
  • Integrated Business-Threat Risk Assessments.

ADGA reinforces Systems Delivery through the design and build phases, as well as the during the maintenance phase.  With operationally focused systems and solutions, including re-engineering legacy environments, our systems  help clients effectively meet their business requirements. Our experience in Systems development includes the design, development, conversion, and management of software applications and data warehousing projects.

Business Best Practices – ADGA provides highly-skilled, qualified professionals in the areas of Financial Analysts; Change Management Specialists; Business Process Specialists and Organizational Development Specialists to achieve client objectives.

Program/Project Management (PM) – ADGA professionals are known for their knowledge and skill to assist clients in the effective management of programs and projects. Our Project Management Institute (PMI) certified professionals have a vast experience and knowledge in delivering programs and projects within approved budgets, scope and schedule. Key areas are Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Resource Management, Quality Management and Risk Management.

For more information on Project Management Engineering Support Services (PMESS)  or to book an appointment with one of our representatives contact us today!

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