Defence Areas of Expertise

Capability Development

Software, Hardware Engineering

Our team of expert developers collaborate with both team members and clientele to deliver software solutions that are rich with features, user-friendly and provide time and cost savings to the client.

Our developers are subject matter experts who bring industry know-how and best practices to each project. ADGA offers the following set of development competencies to our clients and we tailor our capability development solutions exactly to their needs.

  • Microsoft Windows Platform Development (VB.Net, WPF, C++ and C#)
  • Ada Programming
  • SQL Database Development
  • PL/SQL Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Simulation development using Virtual Battlespace 2 and 3 (VBS 2 & 3)
  • Web Applications (JScript, Silverlight, ASP.NET and WCF)
  • Automated Software Testing
  • UML Modelling and Systems Requirements Definition
  • Software Release and Configuration Management


How we achieve results

AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT is an approach to software development that is designed to be fluid and flowing, rather than restrictive from pre-determined structures that can oftentimes not allow for quick changes as you continue development.

AGILE Methodology achieves this through a system of collaboration within the team of developers; it is the ability to self-organize and achieve cross-functioning that makes it so successful.  It advocates adaptive planning which allows for evolution development.  This in turn drives early delivery and continual improvements.  By its fluid nature, it allows for rapid and flexible response to change.

For more information on our Capability Development or to book an appointment with one of our representatives contact us today!

In-Service Support Programs (ISS)
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