ADGA Group is a Canadian Leader in Operational Space Software

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July 31st, 2020

ADGA Group is a Canadian Leader in Operational Space Software

ADGA Group continues to deliver innovative software in advanced fields for crucial Canadian space operations. As a highly experienced and trusted partner for both the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), ADGA has a proven track record of delivering success for a range of sensitive, complex, and mission-critical applications.

ADGA has a rich history of space related contract wins and project successes. Their team of cross-functional experts have been working side by side with the Canadian Space Agency on projects such as the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (since 2013), and providing Cyber Threat and Risk Analysis. In addition, ADGA Space has established a reputation for excellence in Earth Observation research.  Our team of experts has developed algorithm improvements for ship detection under the CSA Earth Observation Application Development Program (2016), and has proposed work to continue advancing the state of the art in remote sensing using Machine Learning for ship detection under the new CSA SmartEarth initiative.

The team has also secured contracts from the Department of National Defence including the Polar Epsilon 2 Support project since 2014 and fulfilling a Space Engineering Support Services contract since 2016. ADGA was an important project partner to AIRBUS Defence and Space in supplying Defence Research and Development Canada with a concept study considering operational requirements and options for Canada’s next generation RADARSAT Earth Observation mission under the Defence Innovation Research Program (2016-2019)

The ADGA team continues to innovate through the advancement of the MedCoach™ concept, a project in collaboration with Leap Biosystems originating from a Canadian Space Agency study and subsequently developed with NRC-IRAP funding. MedCoach will provide autonomous, real-time medical guidance and simulation training through augmented reality. The included medical algorithms are developed by experts in Space medicine to meet the needs of future NASA/CSA missions and are transformed into software by ADGA to allow deep space astronauts to respond to medical emergencies hands-free and without ground support.

With two decades of experience in delivering Space Solutions to our clients, ADGA Space is highly experienced in software related to space applications, and have trusted expertise in space and ground mission critical systems development and testing. As a 100% Canadian business, ADGA Group champions Canada’s future in the Space sector and continues to be a trusted partner for operational space software.

About ADGA

Proudly Canadian, ADGA Group is a trusted partner to clients providing professional services and solutions in Defence, Security, Space, and Enterprise Computing since 1967. The core of our success and longevity lies in our dedication to client service delivery and innovation.

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Lieutenant-General (retired) Jean-Marc Lanthier joins ADGA’s Strategic Advisory Council
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